10 Ways to Use Social Media To Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to use social media to increase your blog traffic - 10 free actionable strategies you can use to drive more traffic to your blog. If you're a blogger who wants to use social media strategically to get more blog readers, click through to read this post!

I spend a lot of time helping my clients grow their social media presence, but to me, what’s really more important is why you want to grow that audience. Hopefully you’re not trying to grow your Instagram following just because you want more followers – you probably want more followers because they want more clients / customers / blog readers / subscribers / etc. If you’re a blogger (or business with a blog), using social media is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website – so in this post, I’m sharing 10 ways to use social media to increase your blog traffic (and they’re all free!)


Approximately 70% of my monthly traffic comes from social media, but just because you’re posting on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you are active – that doesn’t automatically translate into blog traffic. Using social media effectively to drive more people to your blog requires a having a strategy!


  • Share your blog posts multiple times – Your followers aren’t going to see every single post so it’s TOTALLY fine to share them multiple times! For example you could share a sneak peek before you publish a new blog post, then share a Instagram post the day your blog post is live, then share a throwback post a few weeks later. If you have image-heavy blog posts, you could even share multiple Instagram posts promoting your new blog post in the same day – just make sure you’re just giving people a “teaser” of your content so they have a reason to click through to see the full blog post!
  • Use specific calls to action – If you want to increase the number of times people click through to your blog from Instagram then you need to regularly tell them to click the link in your profile. Just adding “link in profile” at the end of your captions isn’t enough. People aren’t on Instagram scrolling through and looking for a reason to leave Instagram – so you need to give them a reason to leave if you want them to take action. Tell them WHY they should click on the link in your profile – what’s in it for them – if you really want to entice them to click through.

Casually adding “link in profile” at the end of your captions isn’t enough to increase click throughs…



  • Post often and at optimal times – This could be said for Pinterest as well, but it’s especially true for a high-volume, low-converting platform like Twitter. Because the average “lifespan” of a tweet is less than half an hour, if you’re only tweeting a couple times a day, only a small percentage of your followers are actually seeing your posts. This is a great post explaining in more detail why people aren’t seeing your tweets, but the keys to seeing any real traffic from twitter are posting multiple times a day, every day, and tweeting during the periods when your audience is most likely to actually see those tweets. Using a social media scheduler like Buffer (what I used to use) or Edgar (what I currently use) can ensure that you’re tweeting at optimal times even when you can’t actually be “active” on Twitter.
  • Use click to tweets in your blog posts – Getting other people to share your blog posts on Twitter can bring more traffic to your site than you sharing your own posts on Twitter, so you want to make it easy for people to share! Using social sharing plugins like SumoMe (what I use for the pink social sharing buttons on my blog) or Social Warfare can increase your social shares, but adding in easy click to tweet quotes within your blog post is another great way to increase Twitter shares in particular.


    • Take advantage of Facebook groups – Facebook is honestly not one of my favorite social media platforms – especially when it comes to using Facebook pages – but utilizing Facebook groups has made a significant difference in driving traffic to my blog. There are lots of different types of Facebook groups no matter what your niche is – and many of them allow for promotion of your blog posts. There are some groups created specifically for helping bloggers promote their posts (share for share type groups) and others where promos are only allowed on certain days or in certain threads. Make sure you pay attention to group rules before you start promoting your blog posts! The easiest way to find relevant groups to join is to search for keywords on Facebook – so for example, you could search “beauty blogger” if you’re a beauty blogger or “entrepreneur” if you’re looking for groups with other entrepreneurs. (PS: You can join my Facebook group RIGHT HERE!)
    • Post limited text with an eye-catching graphic – Regardless of whether you share sharing your blog posts on your Facebook page or in relevant Facebook groups, you can tease you blog post content with a short intro but also include a graphic to catch your audience’s attention. If you have images in your blog post, Facebook will automatically include one of the images when you share your link unless you click the option to display images, but if you want to share a different image, you can upload another photo/video instead! Text-only posts on Facebook are easy to scroll past, but adding a graphic helps you post to stand out in your audience’s feed.


  • Treat it like a search engine – Pinterest is my favorite social media platform for driving traffic to my blog (in fact it accounts for almost 90% of my social media referrals) – but in reality, it’s much more of a search engine than it is a social network. Using keywords in your Pinterest bio, your board descriptions, and your individual pin descriptions helps other people find your content when they are searching for particular topics on Pinterest.
  • Join group boards – Joining group boards on Pinterest can exponentially increase you reach on Pinterest because your pins are seen not just by your followers but by the group boards’ followers as well! I currently have 7,000+ Pinterest followers, but one of the group boards I belong to has 70,000+ followers which has a huge impact on the number of people my posts can reach on Pinterest. You can use sites like PinGroupie to find relevant group boards or “stalk” a few popular Pinterest users in your niche and see which group boards they belong to. Most group boards will have instructions in the board description on how you can join if they are open to new contributors. When you join group boards, make sure you’re paying attention to the quality of the pins being shared on the board as well as the repin rates – if the quality/engagement is low then it’s probably not worth joining the group board even if you get access to more followers.

Pay attention to your analytics and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


Any social media

  • Create a schedule – For any social media marketing (or really, any marketing in general), having a schedule can help ensure that you are consistently using each platform. Since I schedule most of my social media posts in advance, I’m able to stick to a regular schedule and always post my best content at the best times for my audience.
  • Pay attention to analytics – In order to know the “best” when / where/ what of posting on social media for your audience, you need to pay attention to analytics. Not just what google tells you is the “best time to post” – the best time to post for YOU is when YOUR audience is active. “Popular” posts are only relevant if they are popular among your audience – so pay attention to your analytics and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

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So these are 10 actionable ways to use social media to increase your blog traffic – and they’re all totally free! Keeping up with social media can be a lot of work, but here are 5 ways to save time on social media to help you out!

What other some ways are you using social media to drive traffic to your blog?

5 Easy Tricks For Branding Your Social Media Images Like A Pro

Expert tips on branding your social media images like a pro from Kathie of Bluchic - click through to learn how to create cohesive social media graphics to build your brand.

Images are becoming an ever important part of a marketing strategy but developing a strong image for your brand on social media can be a challenge. With your website, you design a page and that’s it until you make a change.  With social media, you constantly post new material every day.  So how do you do that and make sure your channels stay consistent with your branding?

It’s something I’ve thought a lot about at Bluchic. Our Feminine WordPress Themes are some of the best in the industry and we pride ourselves on high design, consistency and attention to detail.

So today I want to share with you:


Apply Balance To Your Images

Why is balance one of the key principles of design? It’s how we as humans are wired to perceive things.  When something we view matches up nice and neatly with how we expect it to be, it invokes a good feeling.  And that’s what you want your audience to feel when they see your social media feed.

There are 4 different types of Balance to think about when setting up and editing your images.

1) Symmetrical Balance

This is the type you are likely to be most familiar with.  If you draw a line down the centre or across the centre the other side is perfectly reflected.  This creates a very calm and centered feeling for the viewer.

2) Asymmetrical Balance

This is abstract balance.  There is no symmetry but instead the elements are arranged in such a way that they balance each other out.

3) Radial Balance

This is all about the spiral or circular movement of the image.  The image radiates out from a central point providing a perfect balance but also movement and interest.

4) Crystallographic Balance

This is about repetition.  Repeating patterns which become one giant image and act as one.

Use The Same Logo / Avatar

Make sure you have consistency across all of your social media banners.  You can use a design service like Canva to keep everything together.

Or, sign up & receive a free social media template courtesy of us.

Make sure that if you want to change the banner on one channel, you don’t just do it on a whim.  But you make sure you adapt each channel at the same time.  It might sound like a drag but it is super important!

Limit Your Typefaces

You should only work with 3 typefaces and they should be consistent with your website if possible. Users are going to click from your social media channels onto your website and they expect a consistent and fluid journey.  

High bounce rates usually happen when this journey is interrupted and the user arrives on a page they weren’t expecting. So just take a moment now and scroll your feeds. Are your typefaces consistent? Is this an area you can start improving straight away?

What to look out for: fonts, sizing, italics / bold / underlining – make sure these are consistent!

Important Elements = Biggest Fonts

What is the goal of your image? What information do you want to get across, and what action do you want the viewer to take.  Make sure your most important elements are in the biggest fonts.

It’s easy to get swept away in content creation mania.  But, take just 30 seconds of time on each image and ask yourself – what I am trying to achieve here?  You’ll be surprised how quickly your click through and engagement will improve by applying this one simple tactic.

When In Doubt, Simplify

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

It is much better to have an image with just a few words and space around it, than a paragraph of information. If you’re familiar with Leonardo’s The Vitruvian Man you’ll understand the true depth of this statement. The Vitruvian Man is an extremely complicated concept and political statement portrayed in a simple symmetrical design which has stood the test of time.

Simplicity is memorable. Simplicity works.

Guest post by Kathie of Bluchic: Kathie designs beautifully crafted Feminine WordPress Themes for creative entrepreneurs and business women.  For more information about branding and how to launch a website see Bluchic’s in depth guide. Follow on Twitter l Instagram l Facebook l Pinterest

5 Examples of Opt-ins You Can Use to Grow Your Email List

5 examples of opt ins to grow your email list - expert tips from top female entrepreneurs - a guest post by Solopreneur Sidekick

A guest post by Louise Henry @ Solopreneur Sidekick

Opt-ins are all the rage lately! And rightly so – they have the capability to grow your email list in a big way and set you up for future income streams. I would consider an opt-in (or lead magnet) an essential for your online business that you should implement asap.


Firstly, what do I mean why I say “opt-in?” Basically, all an opt-in is, is something (usually a digital product) that you give someone in exchange for their email address or “opting in” to your newsletter. In this article I’m going to share with you my best advice for creating a high converting opt-in and show you 5 different examples for inspiration.

Most importantly, focus on an issue your ideal client is facing. I’m sure you could create a fantastic opt-in on a number of topics, but what is your client currently struggling with? It can be tempting to skip a few steps, or want to show how knowledgeable you are. Which is awesome! BUT – what stage is your ideal client at? Are you overwhelming them with the thought of automation when they haven’t even sent a newsletter yet?

Next, think of your opt-in as step 1 of your sales funnel. Think about what needs to happen before they hire you or purchase your product. For example, if you are selling a course on ConvertKit, your ideal client should already have an understanding of email marketing. So there’s your topic for your freebie! Educate them on how important email marketing is for their business, why ConvertKit is a great product and finish the freebie with a call to action leading to your paid service.

Another way to think about it is to answer FAQs with your opt-in. For example, I love to help solopreneurs launch their own brands. But my ideal client, someone who is just about to embark on their entrepreneurial adventure, might not know the fundamentals of branding. So something like, a free email course that walks them through the fundamentals of branding would be a perfect fit. What are the questions that all clients ask before working with you? Or what things do you need to explain to each client prior to work beginning? You should be able to get ideas for your opt-ins from this!

Here are a few, real-life examples for your inspiration:

  • A free email course like Maya Elious of mayaelious.com and her Free 5-Day Personal Branding Course

Why it works: You can lead potential clients through a series, demonstrate your knowledge and help them work through a subject in depth. At the end of the course, you will have built up trust, your audience will feel as though they have got to know you (and your work) and many will want to know more from you.



  1. Access to your Facebook group like Heather Crabtree of heathercrabtree.com and her group Savvy Business Owners

Why it works: Not only do you capture their email, but you get another member in your Facebook group too! Why is this so great? That means you have double the chance of building a meaningful connection with your audience.


  1. Free templates, stock photos or other helpful + practical things like Jessica of lovepluscolor.com and her free creative library of templates + worksheets

Why it works: You’re helping your ideal client with something right away. By providing them with a template or worksheet they need, you can make an immediate impact on their business (and they’ll surely thank you for it!)


  1. Access to a free webinar replay or video masterclass like Nesha Woolery of neshawoolery.com

Why it works: You’ve already put in the hours crafting the perfect webinar! Now make it work for you! Offering up the replay is a smart way to do this. Plus, it’s a very personal way for your clients to get to know you. Many marketing pros I admire have started to go with this option (Halley Gray, Sarah Morgen) – and that’s because it converts.


  1. A free PDF of whatever you’d like! Here’s a fantastic example by Shaina of yourampersandstudio.com

Why it works: You can get laser specific on what your target audience needs, like Shaina has done here with her download “28 Lessons, Resources and “Aha” Moments for the Rising Photographer.” Niche down and offer something totally unique + relevant to your audience!

And remember:

Go above and beyond and make your opt-in really strong. You want to exceed their expectations. You want it to provide a glimpse into what it would be like to work with you! And we know that’s gonna be good.

Grab their attention. Ever noticed that the best marketers use words like “irresistible” – don’t be afraid to spruce it up!

And lastly, remember to tell them what to do next! The last page of your opt-in should include a call to action that tells them exactly how to hire you or buy your product.

I hope this has helped get you thinking about your next opt-in. Good luck and leave your link in the comments once you’re done!

[ezcol_1half]Louise-headshot[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

Hi, I’m Louise! Your Solopreneur Sidekick. I’m passionate about helping busy solopreneurs make the most of their time so they can focus on building their dream online business. From offering on-demand design & digital marketing services, to writing my best actionable tips & tricks on my blog, I help you focus on what’s important and see the growth you deserve!  Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest


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