Lately I’ve been in list building mode and have been talking to a lot of other bloggers about their email marketing systems to figure out what’s working (or not) for them. Most people seem surprised when I tell them that I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit (because what’s ConvertKit???), but let me say, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made this year! Up until a couple of months ago, I had been using MailChimp as my email marketing service, but the always business savvy Mariah convinced me to jump on the ConvertKit train, and I am so glad I did!

Let me back up a sec to say, at first I was skeptical. In comparison to the wide array of email templates in MailChimp, ConvertKit is relatively basic. You can still customize your emails with a bit of code, but the standard email templates offer very little beyond standard formatting options. I like pretty things, so initially I was like yeah, not for me… BUT (obviously) I’ve changed my mind! There are a number of ways that ConvertKit is different than MailChimp (or other email marketing services), but I’ll get to the point and tell you the 3 reasons why I’m SO GLAD I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit.


In MailChimp, if you want to send different lead magnets or opt-in messages to your subscribers, it requires setting up multiple lists. This means that if I want you to be able to opt in to my free course and then also download my checklist for the 8 things you should be doing every time you post on Instagram, I have to set up separate lists and technically pay for duplicate subscribers. That’s no bueno. It’s actually really annoying.  ConvertKit makes things easy by giving you the option to tag and segment your subscribers based on their activity while just maintaining one list. This means you can opt in to 10 different downloads or freebies on my site and instead of appearing on 10 different lists, you just appear once <— this makes SO MUCH more sense! The bigger your list gets, the more this matters – trust me, you do not want to manage thousands of subscribers on numerous lists.


My experience with MailChimp was overall pretty positive, but when it comes to open rates I’ve seen a real difference with ConvertKit. This is the thing that really resonated with me the most – I realized that no matter how “pretty” an email was, it didn’t matter if people weren’t seeing it. Or opening it. ConvertKit‘s “basic” email template actually makes sense in that who really wants to open the salesy image packed emails from big brands vs. simple, intimate emails from people you actually know. Sometime basic IS better.

I’ve also found that since I spend less time worrying about making pretty images for my emails, I can spend more time on creating valuable content. And CONTENT, my friends, makes WAY more of a difference than image layouts when it comes to my biz!


If you’ve ever set up a MailChimp automation workflow, you know it’s not the the easiest process. You have to navigate through a number of different screens to set up each email and then set up the order and timing of the emails on another page and it just FEELS like a lot of work. ConvertKit “courses” are the equivalent system and they are SO MUCH easier to set up. For example, the screenshot above shows how I set up my free course STAND OUT to SELL OUT. I set up each of the emails from one main page, and I can easily navigate between the different emails as well as drag and drop to rearrange the order they get sent in. I can also add additional emails to the “course” whenever I want with the click of a button. If you are doing any sort of marketing automation, or use a sequence of emails as a lead magnet or sales funnel, ConvertKit is the clear winner.

Obviously I am a fan. And yes, if you sign up for ConvertKit through THIS LINK I will earn a commission – but I would NOT be telling you how much I love it if that weren’t true. This is a BS-free zone y’all :)

What email marketing system do you use? What do you like / dislike about it?