10 apps I use for productivity - from email, social media, project management and more!

I’m always curious what apps other people use to stay productive. From to do lists to social media management, everyone has their favorites – so I thought I’d share 10 apps that I use on a daily basis to keep me on track and organized throughout the day!


I prefer using the Gmail app over the regular iPhone mail app because of the way it displays inboxes separately. I know some people may like all their mail going into 1 inbox, but I like to keep my work, personal, blog/ business emails separate. The Gmail app allows me to easily flip between them but still maintain separation!


I can’t function without my to do list. I’ve tried so many different versions both on paper and paperless, but I keep coming back to Todoist. I have the app on my phone and also keep the web version pinned to my browser at home and at work – so it’s always readily accessible. It’s super easy to keep things organized by project, and I like that I can focus on tasks for the day, but also have the option to see and schedule tasks for the future. Also, I am the type of person that hates to see overdue tasks, so it’s motivating to cross off tasks on time!

Google Calendar

Again, I prefer the Google calendar app over the iPhone calendar app for everything except actually seeing what day it is! I use separate google calendars for work, personal, blog/ business and everything is color coordinated in a certain way, so I like that the app carries over the same color scheme.


I store all my files (SO MANY PHOTOS) via dropbox so they don’t take up space on my computers. This way they’re easy to access, easy to share, and I never have to worry about my computer slowing down!


When it comes to social media scheduling, I’ve used Buffer for the ease of scheduling posts and Hootsuite for monitoring, engaging, and analyzing – but eventually switched to Edgar (though this is kind of cheating because it’s not really an app) because it saves so much time .Instead of publishing your social media updates just once or having to reschedule them when you want to share again, Edgar saves them in a library that you build over time and automatically re-share. 


I hate emails. Or really I should say, I hate spending so much time in my inbox. And I hate when I end up with 57 emails in a thread when half of them are just quick questions/answers. Slack is my favorite tool for messaging with teams (or my husband) and keeping things organized in various threads. It’s also really easy to search and it’s free!


I use Evernote to keep track of ideas for everything from blog posts to restaurants I want to try. I love that it’s easy to save links/images/articles and collaborate with other people.


Speaking of collaborating, Asana is the best free project management tool that I’ve found so far. It’s great for working on tasks with a team and you can manage everything from todos to files within the app. I just started using it a few weeks ago, but so far I have no complaints!


Shyp is only available in certain cities (NYC, San Francisco, Miami, LA, Chicago) but it’s such a time saver if you ever have to ship things. I hate going to the post office, and I never have packaging to ship things. Using the Shyp app, you just take a picture of whatever you need to ship and enter the destination address, and someone comes to pick it up within a few minutes. They package it up, ship it to the address you specified, and you get an e-mail confirmation with tracking the same day. It’s only $5 for pickup (for up to 20 item per pickup) and all of the boxes/ packing materials are free. If you use this link to signup, your first shipment (up to $30) is free!

Amazon Prime Now

You know you’re lazy (or just busy?) when you get EVERYTHING delivered. Bottled water and toilet paper delivered to my door for free within 2 hours with the click of a button, done. 

What apps do you use for productivity?